How About Microfiber Bath Towels?

Feb. 19, 2021

As a 20 x 40 Bath Towels Manufacturer, share with you.

Microfiber is a high-tech, high-quality steel material. The diameter of the microfiber is small and the bending strength is also small. Therefore, the microfiber bath towel feels particularly soft and comfortable to use. Microfiber bath towels have super cleansing function and waterproof and breathable effect. It also has super water absorption. After taking a bath, using superfine fiber bath towels can quickly absorb moisture from the body and hair. Microfiber bath towels are mainly composed of polyester and nylon. Compared with natural silk, ultra-fine fiber is smaller and does not contain any chemical components. The biggest advantage of its material composition is that the ultra-fine fiber has many fine gaps between the micro-fibers, which can form capillary structure and be processed into towels and bath towels. It has high water absorption, and it can hold more than 7 times the water volume of ordinary towels.

20 x 40 Bath Towels

20 x 40 Bath Towels

Advantages: Microfiber bath towels not only have a good internal structure, but also ensure the product's excellent performance such as breathability, comfort and super water absorption. At the same time, advanced sand washing and sanding processes are used in fabric production to form a layer on the surface of the towel. Fluffy and smooth fluff has the advantages of no fading, no shed hair, no ball, etc., and the use effect is very good.

Disadvantages: Microfiber bath towels are produced by a more complicated process, and the cost is higher. The price on the market is much more expensive than ordinary towels. And because the fibers are very small, the microfiber bath towels have poor high temperature resistance. Avoid using hot water when using and cleaning. It is this fiber structure that makes the microfiber bath towels easy to absorb dust and stains. , This is its disadvantage.

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