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How do you know high quality microfiber towel?

January 12, 2023
How do you know high quality microfiber towel?

In general, high-quality microfiber towels should have excellent absorption capacity, skillfully attract negatively charged dirt, grease and bacteria, and perform well in overall cleaning.

At some time, people may buy some microfiber towels according to the statement on the label. It turns out that these labels can be false and misleading.

However, don't worry, here is a simple method that you can use to carefully check the Declaration on the label.

Step 1: Observe the towel in a sunny place. Lift them up like you want to see the sun through them.

Step 2: Hold the towel at both ends of the towel and pull them away. This stretching method will reveal whether the microfiber is firmly woven.

Step 3: When you stretch microfiber towels and pass through them, the more sunlight you can see, the worse its quality! If they are actually tightly woven, you will not be able to see too much sunlight through them.

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