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The Differences Between Cotton Towel, Microfiber Towel And Bamboo Towel| Asasas

September 29, 2022

For centuries, bath towels have been widely used in every family in this country. A high-quality towel can gently dry your hands and body without the need for multiple cleans. From then on, the water absorption properties are on top of a good quality towel.

There are all kinds of bath towels on the market today, as manufacturers are trying to continuously introduce new products. The classification of towels on the market is just the unique material used to make these towels. Although there is a wide range of towels that can be used in commercial sectors around the world, there are not many towels that are considered the best.

Cotton towel


There are many types of cotton on the earth, and each manufacturer uses different types of cotton to make towels. One of the bath towels praised by the world is a bath towel made of Xinjiang, China, cotton. There is a reason why the world uses China bath towels as a benchmark for measuring the properties of bathroom towels.

Cotton towels are thicker and more delicate; however, they do require more time to dry. If you choose high-end Xinjiang,China cotton , which is made of high-quality cotton, bringing better and more grounded yarns, you will get a luxurious and exquisite cotton feel. Amazing cotton is also considered one of the most reliable texture choices. Cotton towels will become softer after washing, especially after a round in the dryer. Cotton is durable and absorbent.


Microfiber towel

Microfiber towels are made of man-made polymers, which are several times better than human hair. This gives them a special ability to retain moisture, soil, dirt, etc. Compared with cotton silk, microfibers are incredibly fine. Most microfiber towels are made of polyester or nylon.

Microfiber towels are usually thinner than cotton cloth, but due to their fine woven structure, they can splash an astonishing amount of liquid. They also dry quickly and are not prone to mold and mildew. They are made of natural or man-made materials such as cellulose or wood pulp and are usually particularly strong.


Bamboo towel

Bamboo towels, as the name suggests, are towels made of bamboo fibers. Compared with standard cotton towels, it is an environmentally friendly choice. Bamboo yarn is milder than cotton and has high moisture absorption properties. Therefore, it absorbs and dries quickly, is easier to manage, and most importantly, it is renewable. It makes the surface of the towel smooth and has a normal refined quality.

The amazing antibacterial properties of bamboo make it a natural and hygienic choice in the toilet environment. It has its own natural luster and its quality feels like cashmere. In addition, when used in a hot environment, it can keep the skin cool and hot in a cold environment. It has the characteristics of cleaning and defense, UV performance, odor safety, and anti-static performance, and its performance is better than a cotton towel.

Like cotton towels, bamboo towels are usually made entirely of bamboo silk. Like cotton, it can be mixed with different materials such as spandex or polyester, but the properties of the towel will be affected. However, it all depends on the mixed materials. Bamboo towels can be combined with cotton or microfiber to make some great products for your bathroom.

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