What are the Product Functions of Microfiber Warp-Knitted Strip Towel?

Mar. 25, 2021

As a Microfiber Warp-Knitted Strip Towel Manufacturer, share with you.

Microfiber wipes are also called non-shedding fiber cleaning towels, dust-free mercerized towels, and dust-free towels. It is suitable for biomedical GMP sterile workshop, semiconductor electronic photovoltaic industry clean room cleaning, countertop cleaning container cleaning equipment cleaning, high-precision laboratory cleaning, cleaning the ground in the clean area, walls, machines and high-end glasses mirrors, optics Instruments, computer screens and cars are clean, reusable, economical and convenient.

Microfiber Warp-Knitted Strip Towel

Microfiber Warp-Knitted Strip Towel

Microfiber wipes have super water absorption, super decontamination, easy to clean, no lint, no bacteria, no damage to the surface of the object; the characteristics, and change the shortcomings of the original single weaving style of microfiber. The concave-convex grid shape of the towel and the surrounding weaves are correspondingly integrated. Both beautiful and practical.

Product Features:

1. Quickly remove oil stains: It is made of lipophilic fiber, which can quickly adsorb when it comes into contact with oily substances, without having to rub the surface to scrape the grease, and also reduce the friction on the fine surface.

2. High-efficiency micro-dusting roll: The unique surface of the vacuuming roll increases the contact area when wiping, quickly and efficiently sucks up dirt and dust, and hides them to avoid secondary pollution and damage to the surface, and does not need to be used detergent.

3. Washing method: It can be washed multiple times to keep the effect unchanged.

4. Unique flat fiber: The unique flat fiber efficiently absorbs dirt and fine dust. Ordinary round fibers often flatten the dirt instead of rolling it up, which is difficult to effectively remove dirt or fine dust, and may also leave fluff.

5. Versatility: It can wipe the body and screen of DSL, PSP, LCD screen, computer TV monitor, camera lens, precision instrument surface, automobile and CD-ROM and other items.

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