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want to keep your car in its original condition, choosing the right car wash towels to clean your car can also make a difference. After wiping off the car wax, polishing the car, and wiping off the detergent, these car wash towels can be used repeatedly, keeping them soft, soft, and highly absorbent.High-quality microfiber towels are suitable for car washing, car beauty, household cleaning and cleaning products. There are a variety of uses to choose from, including: washing, cleaning, drying, polishing, polishing, waterless washing, glass cleaning, etc. They are streak-free and scratch-free.


Long-term towels: There is a continuous seam around the entire cloth-general terry towels have only one seam and slightly rounded corners, which can maximize the performance of their long-term towels. Most of our competitors actually cut corners with poorly structured seams on all 4 corners, which compromises the integrity of the towel and greatly increases the possibility of edge cracking. We spent more money to give you towels, which will be a long time after the game

Microfiber: there are hundreds of 100% microfiber car wash towels per square inch-not all towels are the same. AOSE company strictly produces in accordance with strict requirements, so car wash towels have the highest rating and the most effective terry microfiber products. With hundreds of thousands of fibers per square inch, our universal towels can safely and effectively make the most difficult tasks a breeze

The highest absorption capacity: the weight of liquid and substance absorbed by the microfiber towel is 7 to 10 times its weight, which can quickly open all obstacles you encounter

Use Instructions:   

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 When using our microfiber car wash towels to wipe off dirt and stains, it is usually best to fold the microfiber towel twice. Each towel provides you with eight cleaning surfaces, so when one side is completely full of dust, you can still clean the other 7 sides. If you only use them to dry water, remember to take more convenience. These towels are moderately thick and can be easily wrung out and air dried quickly, which is much more difficult for thicker towels. If you want to clean the inside, these towels only need to be washed with water, but of course they can also be used with detergent. Remember to use color codes when necessary!

Our large inventory of car wash towels is available at amazing wholesale prices, so you can buy car wash towels in bulk wholesale, please contact us if you need them.

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