Can I Use a Regular Towel To Dry My Car? | Asasas

August 29, 2022
Can I Use a Regular Towel To Dry My Car? | Asasas

Well, the simple answer is "yes". There's nothing wrong with drying your car with a regular towel after washing it. However, if you really care about gloss, then you should consider using something else to clean your car.

Can I Use a Regular Towel To Dry My Car?

Almost any towel can be used to dry the car after cleaning. The water droplets on the car body are dried with a towel to avoid water stains.

However, when you use some towels or clothes to dry your car, you may stain your car body with a small amount of fiber on the towel, which will damage the appearance of your newly washed car.

In addition, drying the car with ordinary towels for a long time may cause scratches or paint swirls on the car body.

Therefore, in order to avoid the above situation, it is recommended that you use microfiber towel, suede or air dryer and so on.

Best Ways To Dry A Car

Basically, there are several common methods to dry the cleaned car. You can try it on any vehicle.

1. Air Dryer

The method of drying the car after washing the car is realized by using pressurized air, hair dryer or other similar household gadgets. The air drying tool will simply push the water droplets until they dry. It takes less time to dry the car using this method.

2. Suede Cloth

Suede is a soft cloth that can be used to dry cars. This is almost the same as microfiber towels. This cleaning cloth is recommended because it will not scratch the paint of the car or cause whirlpool on the body.

Interestingly, suede is not expensive and is better than using ordinary towels. Just turn the cloth and wipe it down to dry the whole body.

3. Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are very smooth and soft.They will dry all the water stains without damaging the paint of your car.

It's actually the best material to dry the car after washing it.Further, microfiber towels can be used to wipe cars after waxing.


At least

Can I dry my car with a regular towel?Yes, but not recommended.You may not notice the swirls caused by regular towels until a few months later.
In addition, you should not leave the car in direct sunlight to dry it out.Drying can cause water spots.

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