Why is microfiber towel suitable for car details cleaning? | Asasas

August 30, 2022
Why is microfiber towel suitable for car details cleaning? | Asasas

When cleaning car details, you should always use microfiber towels.Using microfiber towel, you can prevent damage to the inner and outer surfaces of the car.

Choosing The Right Towel For Car Details Cleaning

The basic purpose of car cleaning towel is to soak water, dry the car, wipe off dirt, debris and other particles on the surface of the vehicle, and assist in detailed treatment or polishing.

When using towels for car cleaning, one thing to remember is to ensure that the paint of the vehicle is intact.

When selecting car cleaning towels, the following points need to be considered.

1. Towel size for car cleaning details

Car detail cleaning is not a single step. It includes many, such as cleaning, waxing and scrubbing.

Common towel sizes are 30 * 30cm, 40 * 40cm, 40 * 60cm, etc.These towels are most commonly used because they are just right for your hands and can be used to complete various tasks, such as cleaning the dashboard, etc.

2. Weight of The Detailing Towel

Usually, thicker and heavy towels are aimed to absorb more liquid. On the contrary, lighter and thinner towels have the advantage of drying quickly.

You must always ensure to keep an appropriate quantity of both in order to fulfill different customer needs.

3. Softness

The softness of the towel will ensure that you will not accidentally damage the exterior or interior of the vehicle. The important thing is to choose a towel that remains soft and soft even after many times of washing.

Microfiber has unique fabric waves, making it softer even without washing.

4. Strength and durability of fabric

You want to ensure that the product you choose lasts longer, costs lower, and has higher quality, and does not need you to switch products frequently.

The fabric thread in the microfiber towel provides great strength and makes it durable.



Now you know how to choose a car detail cleaning towel.

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