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September 05, 2022

Microfiber is suitable for a variety of needs, whether cleaning windows, dealing with leather seats or cleaning the outside of vehicles.

  1. 1.Great For Cleaning The Dirt During The Detailing Process
    Microfiber towels are more effective in cleaning compared to regular towels. It consists of tiny or microfibers that pick and trap the dirt inside.
    Usually, towels made up of cotton fail to do so and can smither dirt around the surface of a vehicle when rubbed or wiped against the vehicle’s surface.
    In addition to this, microfiber is ideal for cleaning. They produce a static charge when the fibers of the microfiber material rub together during wiping motion in the cleaning process. This allows the fabric to clean the dirt effectively since the charge attracts dust and dirt particles.

  2. 2. Microfiber towels are non abrasive in nature

  3. As I mentioned earlier, the fibers of this material are very fine, about 1 / 1 of the diameter of human hair. When this is established with the synthesis of a mixture of polyester and polyamide, it is very soft to combine.

  4. Some detail experts choose to use two different mixed towels, depending on the service and results they want to achieve. Usually the higher polyamide mixture will make the microfiber towel softer and ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces, such as car paint.

  5. These towels remove dirt in a non abrasive manner, even if the towels are wiped from the surface. Therefore, there is no chance of paint damage or scratches

  6. 3. Microfiber towel has strong water absorption

  7. The absorption capacity of microfiber towels is significant. This is mainly because thousands of tiny fibers absorb liquid from the surface.

  8. It has the ability to absorb 8 times its weight of water, which makes it the best choice to dry the vehicle surface without dripping water or liquid.

  9. The synthetic construction of these towels makes them not only absorb liquids, but also dry very quickly.

  10. Therefore, because they can be dried quickly, the possibility of bacterial habitation is very small or even none.



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