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How to get the right care of car wash towels? | Asasas

September 26, 2022

Clean microfiber towels more carefully than traditional dirty clothes to ensure the longest service life.

car wash towel                 
car wash towel    

1. Rinse directly after use

First of all, wash the towel directly after use. You can wash them with a hose or sink, but the best way is to soak them in a bucket of warm water (and a small amount of detergent) for about 15-20 minutes. This helps to remove some dirt immediately.

2. Clean carefully

Next, throw them into the washing machine.

Microfiber towels can be washed at any temperature you like (preferably hot), as long as they are washed separately, using liquid detergents (not powders), and without fabric softeners or bleach.

If you really want to do the best in your care, you can even buy a special detergent for microfiber to ensure the best washing of your towels.

3、3. Dry gently

When the cleaning is finished, you can put the microfiber towel on the dryer. Microfibers can be dried, but be sure to use the lowest possible heat. Too much heat does melt the fiber, making it completely ineffective.Also, remember to make sure your lint trap is clean and that you do not use a drying plate - both can cause problems with microfiber towels.

As long as you stick to the above steps, your microfiber car drying towel should have no problems and last for years.

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